Review of the i-Glasses HR 920

October 6, 2009 3 Comments

i-Glasses HR 920 - Introduction

IO Display Systems i-Glasses series was, for many years, essentially the default choice for keen enthusiasts, professionals and aspiring-professionals who wanted top-level image quality and functionality without the bulk (or price) of a pro-level HMD system such as the Liteye LE-750A. The older i-Glasses models were successful and popular video glasses and you didn't have to spend long wearing them to understand why. However, like every other sector of the technology market, there are some very competitive rivals, in terms of both price and features. Video glasses such as Myvu Crystal EV and the newly announced Vuzix Wrap 920 AV have meant the most recent video glasses and video eyewear have been held to higher standards and have found it a little harder to stand-out.

Which brings us to the i-Glasses HR 920, a head mounted display that, for the price, seems determined to wrestle back the king of video glasses crown. For a start, the glasses are built around a pair of Kopin CyberDisplay速 VGA's and boast approximately a 640 x 480 native resolution.

With user adjustments for brightness and contrast, stereoscopic capabilities, plug in external headphones, immersion inserts and solid image quality without pixilation the HR 920 has a lot to offer.

Key features

  • Kopin CyberDisplay VGA's with 920,000 pixels
  • Connects to any standard video source
  • Accessories include charger and wireless remote.



Body and Design


Experience and Conclusion

  • Mike Chilton - February 10, 2010 3:06 PM

    Will the i-glasses 920HR display a laptop screen through the S-Video plug? I ride the train to and from work and find that the outside light makes the screen pretty useless. These look light enough and small enough to use if I can get the computer to paly nicely with them.

  • Richard Peters - March 7, 2010 6:52 PM

    I am looking for a solution for my Mother with Macular Degeneration. I would like her to watch TV, hook up to her WebTV, and hook up to her reading device. Idealliy I would like to be able to have a head mounted camera and play bridge and the piano. Which of these purposes would this device serve? Thank you

  • Funny Budiman - May 18, 2010 10:05 AM

    i bay one i-Glasses HR 920

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i bay one i-Glasses HR 920

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